Job HUNTers

Centuries ago, hunting was the mode of survival. Whether it was foraging for plants or scouring for meat, hunters risked their lives for the common good. The tribe succeeded or failed by way of the hunter and without them, all would starve.

While the world has advanced, today’s leaders are still hunting. Modern hunters can be found in the workforce, utilizing those same skills their ancient ancestors lived by daily. These new hunters are the people always willing to pick up the phone, determined to make the sale and to close the deal. They are in demand as they take risks and get things done.

Headhunters are modern day hunters as they go out and not only find, but capture, other revenue producers. Headhunters have to be willing to take risks and while they may fear failure, they conquer that fear. Executives and CEOs meet challenges on a regular basis. They show resilience in the face of stress. That’s why they’re valuable. Headhunters apply an assertive approach to everyday life as well. Like their prehistoric counterparts, headhunters give back aggressively, share resources, offer opportunities to others, help their communities and support those around them through advice and example. They are fully engaged in life. Hunters are people in action.

All job seekers can learn from headhunters and in the same turn, take inspiration from our predecessors. Similar to searching for sustenance, job hunting is not a waiting game; it is a process. Job seekers must go out and generate opportunity, whether or not it is visible or available. Hunters preyed upon animals, rather than waiting for animals to show up.

Don’t wait for a job to find you, go out and look for one. If what you want isn’t advertised, then figure out a way to find the people who can make it happen. Call the CEOs, the Vice Presidents, and the head of human resources. Find a way to create an opportunity for yourself.

A job hunt is like any other hunt worth pursuing. It is a challenge, a pursuit. Nothing comes from stasis. True opportunity doesn’t come without effort. If it’s valuable, it takes work. Find a way to enjoy the process and revel in the risk. View a job hunt as an opportunity to do something to conquer your fears and overcome obstacles. Go beyond your usual effort and fully invest in yourself.

Remember, if you don’t do something, you’ll starve.

4 years ago

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